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I was awake for 60 hours
Today the sky was gray and the grass was green and the clouds were high above it all.
Today I stumbled through the world in a state halfway between awake and asleep, halfway between living and dead, halfway between madness and insanity. I woke up 60 hours ago. Since then, the sun has risen and set and risen and set and risen again. And here I still stand, irresolute, I need to write this all down before I stop being awake, because I may not be the same person then.
Today, I can FEEL the world and I can HEAR it, and I hear LIFE and JOY and SADNESS and INSANITY and DEATH and it’s just ALL TOO MUCH. When I fall asleep again, I may lost myself in the comfortable darkness and never come out again.
Today, there was a girl. There was a photo of a girl. She was in a physics PowerPoint, and her hair stood on end. She was in a photograph on a screen. She looked at me and her mouth moved to form words. I saw this clearly through the haze. I heard whispers in my ears and the sounds formed in
:icona-moment-at-midnight:a-moment-at-midnight 1 0
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I made a fursona!
Their name is River, and they are a demon-cat.
Here's some more info about them: 

Loves colorful clothing: if it hurts your eyes, they will probably wear it.

owns a bedazzler

pupils glow in the dark

Generally does not wear skirts

is gender neutral, but does not mind being mis-gendered and does not comment on it.

Likes to play-fight, hates to real-fight: If you attack them out of nowhere, they will assume you are play-fighting and happily fight back while being extra-careful not to hurt you. If you let them know you want to hurt them, they will just defend and repeatedly tell you they don’t want to fight.

Likes sweets and cuddles (but only with people they know)

Favorite food is mochi ice cream.

Is digitigrade. 

Reiko ( LordMayo 's  fursona:…) is their favorite girl.

They don’t get mad over bad things, they just get sad.

They can rip holes in dimensions, and spend their free time exploring the multiverse. They show Reiko the absolute coolest parts.

They can fly, but the mostly prefer to walk because flying takes a lot of energy. Will fly if it seems like the easiest solution.

They get Reiko to carry them places when they get tired.

Keeps their keys and wallet in a small pocket dimension that they have to rip a hole to whenever they want to use them.

Their spikes sometimes get tangled in things like bushes, and they need help to get out.

Sometimes switches between two and four legs, especially while running.

So I have several ideas and partially finished concepts for what I want to do art-wise, but largely lack the focus to finish them. Therefore, I was wondering what you guys would like to see from me. Here are some of the various things I have been working on.

  • Genderbent Tangled comic
  • Comic of backstory for my OC Anaclaties
  • Homestuck character portraits for the rest of the trolls
  • Nuzocke comic of my Fire Red run
  • Nuzlocke comic of Crystal done MSPA style where you control the protagonist
  • Finally making a lightbox to photograph my ceramics
  • Misc. Pokemon drawings
  • Just submitting all of my random unfinished sketches
  • Short comics of some of my other OS's you guys have never seen or heard of
  • ???
  • Profit
So let me know what you guys are interested in.


Renee Roley
United States
Blah, blah, blah, I'm bad at these.


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